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by Emma Elwin on 30 March, 2016

Emma Elwin has found a stoller made off organic materials and with IVN- and GOTS certifications.

I have to admit that it feels super weird to have a stroller just standing waiting for a baby in the living room. I feel like I am five years old playing family. But I am very happy to have found one that checks off all of my criterions. The last few months I have been reading a lot about toxics in our everyday products. Toxics that might not be necessary in my opinion. After reading a lot about plastic, flame retardants and impregnating agent in strollers I started searching for a stroller that was somehow more environmental consciousness for both nature and our baby’s well being. The research payed off and I found this one online. This is a IVN- and GOTS certificated stroller from the brand Naturkind. The stroller is made of organic cotton, organic sheep’s wool, coco-latex, wood, cork and non phthalates plastic. Since I haven’t been using it properly yet (if you don’t count driving around the soffa in living room with Stella as test pilot) I can not give you guys a full review just yet. But! As soon as I have been trying it with an actually baby for a few months I’ll give you a proper review.


Stroller, Naturkind. Diaper bag found at Tradera.


yvonne: www.myfamilyshop.eu
September 5, 2016

yvonne: Hi Emma, I came across your review. Great to hear that you like the Naturkind Pram. I'm selling the pram in my Onlineshop based in UK and increasingly in Sweden too :-) and it is nice to see more and more people getting aware that there is a pram on the market that has been produced without any harmful substances. Hope it's ok to post my website here, in case other mums to be would find out more about the Naturkind pram :-). Best, yvonne
September 5, 2016

Anna Rosenholm: Hej! Är du nöjd med vagnen? Var köpte du din?
August 2, 2016

Isabella A.: Okey, last question; what's the name of the color that you chose?:)
July 22, 2016

Emma: We Love it!!!!
July 22, 2016

Isabella A.: Now that you have had some time to try the stroller from Naturkind - what do you think of it?:) I'm thinking of buying one, but would have to order it online as there are no shops selling these in Norway.
July 22, 2016

Amanda: Bordet heter vittsjö. http://m.ikea.com/se/sv/catalog/products/art/40303444/
April 27, 2016

Emma: Ja det är från Ikea men köpt secondhand så jag vet tyvärr inte namnet :/
April 8, 2016

Lovisa: glas-bordet på bilden, är det från Ikea? isåfall, vad heter det? såg det i butik men kan ej hitta på hemsidan nämligen.. Tacksam för svar :)
April 7, 2016

Christine: Wow! Inspirationsbomb för mig som gravid! Skulle gärna se andra saker som du köpt till bebisen. Mera babytalk! ;)
March 31, 2016

Jenny: Wow.. vad tur du hade som hittade den där! Och vad bra att det finns barnvagnar med gotsmärkning! Den kan inte ha varit så billig dock.. Men såå värt det såklart. Jättefin vagn! Blir jag nångång i framtiden gravid så ska jag skaffa en sådan med!
March 30, 2016

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