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Buy Buy Baby

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by Emma Elwin on 10 March, 2016

Emma Elwin had a quest to buy the whole baby wardrobe second hand. Here is the story!

Being pregnant is, at the moment, really nice! But I am really looking forward to meet this new little person. We don’t know if it is a girl or a boy, we want it to be a surprise.

When I moved into my new apartment I had the idea of buying most furniture second hand. It has not only been a way to find unique and beautiful things and avoiding to buy newly produced things but it has also saved me so much money. So when we stated planing for the baby I knew I wanted to do the same thing there. I started searching for the brands that I know produce all their baby clothes with toxic free sustainable materials and from there on it was super easy. Within two weeks the whole wardrobe for the baby was bought. So for a 100 euros I got fourteen bodys, six pairs of trousers, three pairs of socks, two sweaters, one pyjamas and one pair of dungarees. I thought it would be a lot more work than it was, and now I am so happy to have all the clothes sorted out already. The fact that the clothes are already used is of course also great for both the baby and the environment. And – we saved over 200 Euro buying the clothes second hand!

These are some of my finds at Tradera, find more kids clothes here!


Christa: Hi Emma, I am 12 weeks pregnant and starting to think of buying all my baby stuff second hand. My motivation is mainly economic but sorry for asking but why do you say it is better for baby to wear clothes that have been worn already? My mother is totally against the idea and I would be happy to give her arguments! Thanks
December 4, 2016

Cut My Milk: Hej Emma! Vilket fint tänk du har. Och grattis till bulan. Jag vill bara tipsa om vårt nystartade barnklädesmärke Cut My Milk. På plats i vår butik syr vi alla plagg själva och använder oss bara av GOTS-certifierade tyger. Vi försöker på så vis skapa en produktionskedja som är scysst rakt igenom. Spana gärna in vår instagram @cut_my_milk och vår webbshop www.stygn.nu Hälsningar Matilda / Cut My Milk
March 14, 2016

Louis: Thanks a bunch <3
March 11, 2016

Emma: My favourites are: Kappahls newbie, Mini rodini and HM conscious!
March 11, 2016

Louis: Hi, expecting my second child and we have mostely second hand clothes first time around and using it for the next munchkin. Would you share the brands which are toxic free and use sustainable materials? Love this space of yours!
March 11, 2016

Emma: We don't know if it's a boy or a girl actually, we want it to be a surprise!
March 10, 2016

Suky: Oh wait, it´s a boy :). Wheeee!
March 10, 2016

Suky: I also love the idea of hand-me-down clothes because they already have good baby karma in them!
March 10, 2016

lotti: Lovely idea and clothes.Here in Stockholm Emmaus at slussen has a lot of clothes for baby and a special corner for vintage babyclothes♡
March 10, 2016

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