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Following a successful first season of Tradera Trend, where Make it last picks the best fashion from Tradera, it is time for the launch of Tradera Family

Tradera Family presents the best of children’s clothing from Tradera.

The range of children’s products online is endless, and overviewing it all is hard for anyone with a busy schedule. Time to do research is limited. What products are best to invest in? Which clothes go with the rest of the closet? Which last longer than half a season before they must be replaced? What investments are fair to your wallet, not to mention the environment?

On Tradera Family, our editors do the work for you, and give you the best gems in the category of children’s clothing on Tradera.com. Not only to make life easier for you and your wallet, but also to be kind to the environment–buying second hand is a way to slow down the production pace of new clothing.

And–a garment loved by a child and then given new life in a new home is of course also a more fun and personal alternative to buying everything new. That’s at least what we think. We hope you agree. Take a look at Tradera Family and see if you find something for you and your family!


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Cris: How divine, I want to shop on the site - but it is all in Swedish?! Any ideas how to do this from the UK? Bises, LUXWHO Fashion PR team x
March 16, 2016

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