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Filippa Berg seeks skin remedy, post Halloween, with a little help from lovely Luxsit Organic Skincare.

Halloween was a blitzy blast with New Romanticism as the theme at my friend Tommie X’s house party. My makeup was golden and for some silly reason I felt like sleeping in it. Luckily Luxsit sent me some samples the other day and late this morning I dove right into the goodie bag. Turned out to be the perfect potions to bring back glow to my dirty thirsty face!

Luxsit Organic Skincare is Swedish beauty brand combining science found in nature with a unique phyto-botanical technology. The products consist of Nordic plant extracts and pure Swedish water, in combination with the finest organic and natural raw materials. Let’s take a look at the stuff I tried:


First and foremost, I gave my face a well needed wash, using the Purifying Facial Wash. It’s meant for oilier and break out prone skin types, but turned out to be perfect after a night of heavy metallic makeup. The active ingredients are purifying clay and the typical Swedish spring flower Tussilago, known for it’s pore tightening properties. I used it with my Luna to really get rid of the grit. Afterwards I found my skin feeling clarified and squeaky clean.

It’s a tough task to thoroughly clean the face without stripping the skin from moisture, therefore I followed up with the Magic Moisturising Facial Mask immediately afterwards, when my skin was still damp. It’s loaded with organic plant oils and antioxidants and works like a vitamin injection for dry and dehydrated skin. I applied a thin layer all over my face and went back to bed for a 30 minutes beauty break, accompanied by M Train, Patti Smith’s latest lovely memoir.

30 minutes turned into 2 hours, but that just made the mask more potent. I rinsed it off with lukewarm water and finalised with a few drops of the Soothing Serum applied on damp skin. It’s full of nourishing oils such as Omega-3 and -6, which increases the microcirculation needed to repair and rebuild damaged skin.

Wow, this hangover-infused testing session sure turned into a luxurious home facial! My face feels alive again, glowing like all I had last night was green juice. As if!

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