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House of Dagmar on handbags and sustainable fashion

House of Dagmar works with sustainable fashion in several ways. The most recent is a new collection of organic handbags, consisting of four different styles. Make it last talks to Vivianne Issa, Production Manager at House of Dagmar, about the new collection and how the brand works with sustainability in their designs.

Could you tell us a bit more about the collection?

– We want to celebrate our Swedish heritage, and sourcing our leather from Tärnsjö Garveri means that we are producing products of Swedish origin. Additionally, their leather is organic and no chemicals are used in production, which is in line with Dagmar’s idea of how we want to work with natural materials. The classic collection consists of four unique styles, including the Lou tote bag, which takes a team of artisans 63 hours to handcraft in the workshop just outside Stockholm. Other styles include the Taylor shoulder bag and the Ambra clutch. All styles will be available in black, beige and cognac with a contrasting colour inside.

How do you imagine the wearer of these bags?

– She is characterized by her intellectual, sophisticated and contemporary style, and appreciates designs that are based in traditional craft while using innovative and new combinations.

How does Dagmar work with sustainability today, and how will this develop in the future?

– We are working with sustainability in several ways, and one major part is in our design. We are working with sustainable design in the way that we want to create longevity in our products, so that our customers will be able to have them in their wardrobe season after season and still feel that they are relevant and work in combination with new collections. We also carry over many materials that we have developed with our suppliers so that we can combine familiar materials with new developments. Some seasons ago we introduced Basic Instinct, a collection that had a more classic touch, and with that we have products that are available regardless of season, which has been very appreciated by our customers.

– Another aspect of our sustainable approach is an effort to be environmentally and animal friendly. We believe that our products should do as little damage to the environment and animals as possible. The merino wool that Dagmar uses has, from the very beginning, been muelsing free and sourced from farms that are certified as animal friendly.

– We are proud to follow socially responsible policies and promote ethical conditions when we produce our garments. We have written a Code of Conduct that all of our suppliers must sign before cooperating with us, which states the minimum requirements of production and states our values and recommendations. All of our partners must follow their own country’s laws when it comes to workers’ rights, minimum living wages, etc.

The bags will be available in the beginning of 2016.


Hella Lynggaard: I just wanted to say that I find so much inspiration from your website. Especially these introductions to brands working with sustainability. Researching everything yourself can be so time-consuming, so it's always so nice when someone's done the work for you. Thank you! Will definitely keep an eye out for these bags. xx
October 27, 2015

madde: I love their design philosophy of making seasonless products that last time. And these sustainably produced bags are just divine and it’s great to know the story behind them. I just think there is quite a contradiction to talk about being animal friendly and quote “our product should do as little damage to the environment and animals as possible” when making a genuine leather product always involves a dead animal. Especially since the article doesn’t state how the leather used in these bags was sourced.
October 20, 2015

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