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Adornment: Everlasting Garments

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by Kim Svedberg on 7 October, 2015

Old for someone can be awesome new for someone else

This October marks the launch of Adornment, an online platform offering qualitative and unique vintage clothing. The garments are carefully hand-picked from places all over the world and given new life through washing and repair, offering a more sustainable alternative to buying something completely new. Make it last asked Pauline Cappelen, founder and creative director of Adornment, a few questions about the project.

How did you come up with the idea to launch Adornment?

– I have always been fascinated by how people dress since it is a very strong form of expression and communication. But the expanding fast-fashion industry and the fast shifting trends makes it more difficult to be original. Also the fast-fashion clothes never tend to last long enough to become part of ones style and personality. I think that’s a shame, especially for the environment.

– I find it exhilarating to go treasure hunting and can dig for hours to find unique pre-owned clothes that for me have a certain indescribable charisma that raises curiosity and questions. That’s an adornment for me; a garment (whether it’s a pair of awesome jeans or a cool jacket) that possesses a kind of savoir faire that makes people turn their heads on the street.

– So after discovering a demand in my close surrounding, I decided to at least try to make these special garments that I love to find easily accessible for women who have a genuine interest for unique and well-preserved pre-owned clothes but lack the time to go on the hunt or the energy to fix them up, and collect them onto one online platform.

Do you have any certain criteria when choosing the garments?

– We always search for unique, timeless and high quality clothes and absolutely don’t care if someone else has owned it before. For us it is a sign of quality when a garment can last through different lives and generations and still look/feel fabulous. But as much as we love clothes with a history, we don’t appreciate smelly or damaged garments. Therefore, we repair and wash the clothes in order for them to become the adornments they ones were. We don’t choose garments that are completely beyond repair and rarely feel encouraged or inspired to buy second-hand, high-street fashion.

What do you think the future holds when it comes to sustainable fashion?

– After my studies at The Swedish University of Agriculture (SLU) I learnt that the most sustainable and conscious way of consuming, is to never buy more than you need. When it comes to fashion in particular, I believe a conscious choice means more than one can imagine. Rather a few well-picked quality garments that cost a bit more but last longer. For us at Adornment, fashion is about cherishing clothes and creating a unique identity, not based on constant adrenalin and the excitement of purchasing. A cheap t-shirt in organic cotton or Lyocell is not a always the most sustainable choice if the t-shirt is thrown out within a year. We believe a garment made with love is often purchased with anticipation and seen after and cared for, which automatically will make it last. Old for someone can be awesome new for someone else.

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