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by Emma Elwin on 1 October, 2015

Emma Elwin finds the sentences that appear on her screen to be trivial, superficial, unimportant. And wonders who, in these times, really cares about timeless shoes?

I find myself in front of my computer with the ambition to write something about a picture I have taken. Sometimes it feels like the words are pouring out of me, on to the keyboard. Other days nothing that seem to matter. Like today. I find the sentences that appear on my screen to be trivial, superficial, unimportant. Who cares about timeless shoes?!

Last week I had the great fortune to meet, listen and cook for some truly amazing people who had just arrived to Sweden. People who have been traveling a long hard road with the hope to find a new start here. Meeting them really made me see life from another perspective. But also, it triggered feelings of helplessness, about the things I wish to be different. Laws that harm, boarders that are opened for some but closed for others. It really breaks my heart. I think we all wish there was something more we could do. If you live in Stockholm this is one way that you can help. This is an initiative that has done something good, for all people involved.

So, instead about writing about the shoes I’ve photographed, I want to share something a very wise woman told me just earlier today: Meeting a friendly face could mean a lot to someone who is traveling on a rocky road.


Helena: Tack för att du delade med dig av detta. Är i Paris just nu upplever kaoset first-hand, så det var skönt att läsa det du skrev nu och bli påmind om att det finns människor med stora hjärtan, tack!
November 18, 2015

jenaly: This is great, I have been feeling the same way lately!! www.inmydreams.ca/
October 2, 2015

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