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Notes from a Swedish stylist

Resole shoes

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by Emma Elwin on 30 September, 2015

Give your shoes some lovin'

This is a friendly reminder to prepare your shoes for winter. Resole and check the heels if they need changing.

Chanson d’automne

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by Emma Elwin on 29 September, 2015

Emma Elwin shares one of her clothing care tip for traveling.

Blouse, Old touche. T-shirt, Filippa K. Trousers, Stella McCartney. Linen water, Washologi. Bag, Pop vintage. Knitted sweater, Gant Rugger. Trousers, Marget Howell. Shoes, Celiné. 

This is part two of the art of packing. My next tip is quite simple. If you are traveling and don’t have a washing machine at hand. Simply try to air your cloths after using them. If you have a scented spray to re-fresh clothing spray the garment after it has been aired.

Feeling blue

Posted in Inspiration
by Emma Elwin on 26 September, 2015

Emma Elwin's wardrobe is mostly blue and... Blue.

The other day when I was packing down my wardrobe and I realized something. The majority of my clothes has gone from black to blue. Everything in my wardrobe is pretty much a shade of blue, without me really realizing it. I found this when I googled the color:

Blue is sharply refracted by the eyes. This causes the lens to flatten and to push the blue image back. We perceive that blue areas are receding and smaller.

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Lucio Silla

Posted in Outfits
by Emma Elwin on 25 September, 2015

First Opera ever

I am so happy to, for once, be all dressed up and in HEELS. Soon we will be on our way to the royal castle to watch our first opera ever. Lucio Silla by Mozart! I’m super exited!!!


Jumpsuit, The Row. Belt, H&M Conscious. Shoes, Manolo Blahnik.

The weather is really trowing Emma Elwin for a loop. One minute the rain is pouring down and the next the sun is out.

The weather is really trowing me for a loop. One minute the rain is pouring down and the next the sun is out.

Casual Friday

Posted in Outfits
by Emma Elwin on 24 September, 2015

The light

Dress and sweater, Granit. Shoes, Gant.
I have sort of a casual Friday going on here at the NEW office (look at the light)!!! Feels great to be able to wear a dress in the end of september. This one is made of organic cotton. I’ll show you guys some pictures as soon as we have gotten everything in it’s place!

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