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How to dress for Fashion Week – and why more people should know that this week was also Water Week.

The week is coming to an end, and it’s been a busy one. It hasn’t only been fashion week here in Stockholm; decision-makers, innovators, experts and representatives from businesses from around the globe have also gathered to exchange ideas within the frames of World Water Week. The theme of the year was water for development, and myself and Emma got the opportunity to listen to some key players when attending the award ceremony for GLASA, which is The Global Leadership Award for Sustainable Apparel. GLASA launched only two years ago to pay attention to bold and courageous leadership in the apparel sector. Two doctors attended to panel discussion and they are my most recent role models. Read more about them and our thoughts on GLASA here.

Attending GLASA gave us some well-needed energy; fashion week (a three-day affair that kept us busy the first three days of the week) is fun but also draining. Peaks – I mean mind-blowing, thought-provoking experiences – are rather rare, and the growth within the mainstream fashion industry doesn’t feel massive. To me, it seems there’s an ever-increasing gap between a flourishing (yay!) scene for conceptual fashion, showcased for example at Amaze, and the mainstream side of fashion (ie the “industry”). Yes, Giorgi Rostishvili seems to be a rare talent, but his referencing (mostly to Louis Vuitton and Prada) is a little hard to put aside, yet. Mentioning his obvious referencing to anyone in the fashion crowd is almost impossible; it’s a total mood wrecker. We want him to be the new miracle. We thirst for it. Until he reaches that point (which I’m sure he will), I will attend the Water Week’s a little more frequently.

We joked about doing some guerrilla marketing during fashion week, like throwing paint on whichever fur coats we would see on the runway (the attention it would’ve brought huh?), but we opted for something a little less provocative (even if we do in fact have readers who want us to be more aggressive, something I might address later). Emma used fashion week to show how to wear the same shirt in three different ways, whilst I wore some pieces I admire for their sustainable qualities: The dress I wore for day one is from Reformation, the shirt I wore for day two is carefully embroidered by hand by our talented colleague Camilla, and the Filippa K outfit that I put on for day three is available to lease.

Have a great weekend lovers! x

Filippa K: Lease the look

Posted in Style
by Lisa Corneliusson on 26 August, 2015

Rent a look straight from the runway!

Today Filippa K launches a new step of their Lease concept, as part of the brand’s sustainability efforts. Selected garments from both the women’s and men’s collections showcased in Stockholm yesterday are available for rent directly on the campaign site. The purpose of Lease to Look is to invite customers to more conscious consumption patterns, and the concept is the latest action in Filippa K’s business strategy – to adapt to a circular business model.

Lease the Look will be offered through Filippa K’s online stores in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Renting a garment for four days will cost 400 SEK, a price that includes transportation and laundry.

Do like Make it last editor Lisa Corneliusson – rent a runway look here!

#leasethelook #filippakss16

Killer clothes that don't kill the environment.

Hi lovelies! It’s the third and last day of fashion week here in Stockholm. I’m just about to run to the Hunkydory showcase, followed by Ida Klamborn, Altewaisaome and Lamija, amongst others. In other words, it might be a good day! The other day I wore my favorite linen dress by The Reformation. If you haven’t discovered this brand yet, you might be in for a treat. Check it out. Photo by The Locals for Style.com.

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