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From Los Angeles to Antwerp.

Anine Bing established her eponymous brand in 2012 in Los Angeles. Since then, the brand has expanded rapidly and the clothes have been spotted on stars such as Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie and Kate Bosworth. The brand is characterized by it’s non-seasonal feel – the styles last over time. Also noteworthy is the fact that all product are manufactured in Europe or the US by local producers.

With two stores established in the US – in Los Angeles and New York – the time has come to launch the first European Anine Bing store. It opens 2 July in Antwerp and before the end of the year, there will be stores in cities such as Berlin, Madrid, London and Paris.

Make it last talks to Anine about the brand and expanding to Europe.

How did your brand come about?

– I started it three years ago because I felt something was missing on the market. I wanted to create simple, wearable clothes with a rock bohemian twist. I did something different than other fashion brands by releasing collections on a monthly basis with new styles added weekly. This way I am keeping the brand interesting and up to date. I always keep some of the classic pieces in the program and for each month I create styles that is relevant for the month we’re in.

In what way is sustainability present in the production of your clothes?

– I focus on designing clothes that will last for many, many years. I only choose top quality and my design is clean and not overly complicated so you can use the styles season after season. I don’t make any crazy creations that you get tired of after only wearing them twice. Since my brand originated from my blog and my social media channels, I’m in continous communication with the consumer and know what they want and like. By that I don’t over produce items, which is also a sustainable factor of my brand.

You are based in LA but are about to open several stores in Europe. In what ways are you involved in the expansion process? 

– I’m heavily involved in the sense that I’m part of the conceptualization of the stores and of course the strategy behind it. I will also be there for most of the store openings to meet and greet with press and customers.

Do you remember the first time you saw a stranger wearing a piece that you designed? 

– Yes I do. I was walking the streets of LA and saw a super cool woman crossing the street. So I looked at her because I liked her style. A second later a realized she was wearing ANINE BING denim and one of our leather jackets. It was such a cool experience. I get happy every time I see a woman wearing my design.

You encourage your customers to wear the pieces for a long time. Can you tell us about a piece that you have held onto for years? 

– Yes, I believe in building up a basic wardrobe and then adding one pieces here and there. I’ve held on to our charcoal denim, Charlie boots and the Moto leather jacket. There are about 20 classic styles that I always keep in the program – simply because I personally never get sick of them and neither do my costumers.

Who or what inspires you the most? 

– Flea markets and traveling. I get so much inspiration from walking around flea markets looking at vintage clothes. An old rock ‘n’ roll t-shirt, a pair of denim shorts or even other things like a table cloth or maybe a piece of furniture often end up being my source of inspiration. Traveling however must be my absolute favorite. Seeing the streetstyle all over the world–- there are so many well dressed people – especially in Europe. Berlin is one of my favorite destinations.

What do you do in your everyday life to make it last? 

– I really use the clothes I have and I’m one for keeping my wardrobe tight. I don’t like to have a pile of clothes I never use and I’m very consistent with my style which means I never get tired of my clothes.

What can you say about the future for your brand? What is up next?

– There is so much going on! We’ll be opening more ANINE BING stores and I’m really excited about the journey we’re on. It’s an interesting time in fashion right now where I can see a shift, not only in consumers’ behavior but in the industry at large. I like that change and I’m positive we’re on the right track with ANINE BING!

Follow Anine Bing on @aninebing
And if you’re in Antwerp, visit the new ANINE BING store on Drukkerijstraat 22. 

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