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by Emma Elwin on 15 June, 2015

Just remembered this interview I did for Danish Elle earlier this spring about my shoe wardrobe.

Just remembered this interview I did for Danish Elle earlier this spring about my shoe wardrobe. If there is something I enjoy when it comes to fashion it is a pair of beautifully made shoes.

pic: Emma Svensson

Do you have a specific style in shoes?

I like a good plattform like my Pradas shoes in light brown. For daily use I almost only wear sneakers or sandals in the summer. K.Jacque is a family business that are based i St Tropez that make these amazing handmade sandals. They just get more beautiful with time. I always try to see my shoes as investments that will last for a long time. Two things that I look for is timeless design and good quality. The colors are really important too. I want my shoe wardrobe to be synchronized with the rest of my wardrobe.

Does any of your shoes have a specific story, have you been hunting any of them?

Well the craziest shoes I’ve ever bought where these gladiator sandals that go out to the knee. I was love at first sight when I saw the illustration of them on the cover on the The New Yorker. They where crazy expensive so I couldn’t even dream about buying them for full price so I just tried to forget about them. And then one day I was just strolling the internet as usual and I find them on 60% off. Just this one pair in my size. I saw that as faith so I bought them. Maybe good things really comes to those who wait.


What are your favorite shoes and why?

I even though I have loads of high heeled shoes I love wearing flats. I have one pair that I wear all year round from Dries van Noten. They are patted leather and have a thick raw rubber sole.

Where do you shoe shop?

Shoes is something I like to buy when I’m traveling. When I’m in Italy I love to go to Prada and when in Paris I always visit the beautiful Dries van Noten store on 7 Quai Malaquais.

Do you have any favorite shoe brands?

I love Stella McCartney’s shoes. The black sling-backs are my favorite heels both for day and night. Prada makes the most comfortable heels and all the ones I have has quite a timeless design.


How do you use your shoes, what should they be able to do?

Since I have a dog I like to be able to walk easily. Sounds pretty straight forward but it truly is an art to make shoes that are just as comfortable as they are easy on the eye.

Do you have shoes that you will never get rid of?

Well I have a pair of pink, purple and green flower sandals that I have never worn. That where given to me as a gift from the designer Mimmi Plange after I styled her fashion show. The shoes where specially made by Manolo Blahnik for here spring collection show. I love them, just need to find the right moment to wear them.


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