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Eternal Flame: Sophie Buhai

Posted in Style
by Beatrice Widmark on 27 May, 2015

Beauty is seeing unusual details in uncommon places, says Los Angeles based jewelry designer Sophie Buhai.

Los Angeles based jewelry designer Sophie Buhai is not afraid to blur the boundaries between disciplines. After running her own fashion brand, Vena Cava, for almost a decade she decided to get back to her roots on the West Coast and explore two of her other strong interests, namely jewelry and interior design. Her passion and great eye for beautiful pieces can be explored on her own online shop, sophiebuhai.com – a platform where she offers carefully selected domestic and art objects alongside her own jewelry.

Make it last asks Sophie to share her Eternal Flame – a piece she’ll treasure forever.

What is the story behind your Eternal Flame?

“This ring belonged to my grandmother. She wore it almost everyday, and ever since I was a little girl I remember being mystified by its beauty. There is something about the modern yet primitive design, and the way it looked on her very old and beautifully wrinkled hand. I think she bought it while traveling through the south west in the 50’s. It seems to be native American but it’s hard to place exactly where and when it’s from. Sometimes it looks Scandinavian to me, sometimes Mexican. To me a silver ring like this is much more beautiful then any diamond. It reminds me of a certain kind of woman, a woman who travels, isn’t too precious, and finds beauty in the unusual. I love thinking about how modern this ring must have looked on my grandmothers hand back in the 50’s, when most women wore gold and gemstones. It reminds me that seeking beauty doesn’t come from buying only designer things, but rather discovering unusual details in uncommon places. I always think this ring will look the best on me, once my hand gets old, and I’ve lived and experienced a little more!”

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