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TID wants their watches to be hard to date.

Swedish watch brand TID Watches has since its establishment back in 2012 offered a limited range of clean, and accessible watches. The four guys behind the brand, Ola E. Bernestål, Petrus Palmér, Jonas Pettersson and John Löfgren design watches that are timeless and last over time. Their first product, No.1, has been appreciated for its clean details and high quality materials. Today it’s time for their second watch, No.2, to be launched and Make it last took the opportunity to ask about what to expect.

How come you founded TID Watches back in 2012?

– We wanted to start something together, we’d been friends for a long time and felt we shared the same values when it comes to design. We were missing watches on the market that filled the gap between cheap gadget watches and exclusive heritage brands. We wanted to create something unique that would last and become the defining watch brand for our generation.

Your newest watch, No. 2, comes in both a unisex model and one smaller version. What can you tell us about it? 

– We see TID watches as a unisex brand, the reason for launching two sizes is to diversify the usage, we feel that you should be able to wear our products every day, both in a sleeveless dress or under a cuff. And of course the smaller version will attract a user with a smaller wrist.

How is the new watch different from your previous watch, No.1?

– We wanted to make a more sophisticated version of No.1 by adding quality through updated materials such as sapphire glas, brushes steel and Swiss movement. Along with this updated quality we still of course keep true to our core with a strong focus on design in every detail. The No.2 comes in two sizes, 36 mm and 40 mm and goes superbly with any of the wristbands.

When creating your products, do you have any key values that are constantly present?

– Iconic and relevant.

Do you consider yourself to be a sustainable brand? 

– We just started the journey, a lot can be done, and will be. We always try to make conscious choices. We work with Tärnsjö Tannery, the only organic tannery in Sweden with eco-friendly leather.

This upcoming fall you will also launch bracelets made of rediscovered plastic and recycled parachutes. Very exciting! What can you tell us about these pieces?

– This is one part of the “journey”, we’ll see where it ends up. Sustainability in terms of material is just one aspect. We really want to take a holistic approach to design where we are constantly improving every aspect in the chain, like production, shipping and quality. We want our products to withstand shorter trends and we want them to be hard to date.

When will we see TID Watches No. 3 on the market and what will define it?

– Launch 2016, and the definition will be as always, both up to date and something that is going to last, in terms of material and looks.

Finally, what are you doing in your everyday life to make it last? 

– Its all about testing, wearing and tearing, and look into how materials age during daily usage.

The No.2 watch in 40 mm size is available from today and costs: 2 795-2 995 SEK / €325-345. The smaller version in 36 mm size will be available in august/september and will cost: 2495-2795 SEK // €295-325. 

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