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72 people died in a huge blaze at a footwear factory in the Philippines last week. Change must come.

On our minds is last week’s deeply tragic footwear factory fire in Manila, The Philippines, which cost the lives of 72 workers. While what caused this tragic accident is not yet established, questions are being raised about the building’s fire and safety standards as windows appears to have been covered with fences and iron grills. The harsh chemicals used to make the flip flops in the factory would have caused a thick toxic smoke which is said to have contributed to the fatality of the accident. We hope to see the event triggering action from brands and retailers within the footwear segment, like the Rana Plaza collapse two years ago has triggered reform from fast fashion retailers (although much is left to be done).

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Lovisa Bergroth: So true. Change most come. Thanks for sharing and for a great site. This is so important!
May 20, 2015

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