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Tradera Trend

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by Emma Elwin on 4 May, 2015

I'm so exited about our new project here on Make it last

I’m so exited about our new project here on Make it last. From Thursday this week, you’ll find a new section of the site – Tradera Trend. Here we’ll gather the best of Tradera’s fashion offer in one place. We want to make it easier to shop second-hand and also encourage sell the things you no longer have use for – that’s why this is a dream project.

We will of course also sell goodies from our own wardrobes.  Click here to find a sneak peek of what’s to come –  this week’s wardrobe clean out from all of us at the Make it last office. And remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!


Elina: Häftiga byxor!
May 23, 2015

Emma Elwin: It depends on the person selling the garment on Tradera if they are shipping abroad!
May 4, 2015

adina: Hi. This is only for people living in Sweden? Thank you.
May 4, 2015

Rania: A wonderful initiative! I'm psyched :D
May 4, 2015

Marielle: This is awesome!
May 4, 2015

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