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Sony challenges Emma Elwin to complete a series of extreme activities. During the challenges, Emma tests Sony’s products too see if they endure the rough conditions. Do the products stand the test – and, does Emma?

From spring 2015, Sony challenges Emma Elwin to complete a series of extreme activities. During the challenges, Emma tests Sony’s products too see if they endure the rough conditions. Do the products stand the test – and, does Emma?

Season one takes place far up north – Fjällräven Polar 2015 is a 300 km long winter adventure across the arctic thundra. Emma and the other participants sleep under the moon and steer a dog sled each from Signaldalen in Norway to Jukkasjärvi in Swedish Lappland. Conditions are grim (a storm is coming!) and the right equipment is essential.

Season 01, episode 03: Losing track of time

It’s almost nightfall, and we have spent about twelve hours in a bus by the boarder to Sweden. Even though we were supposed to be on the sleds on the way to our first camp right now, the mood on the bus is quite cheerful. I’ve gotten to know most of the participants and learned how they’ve really been putting their neck out to get one of the spots on this trip. It strikes me how lucky I’ve been and what an honor it is to be one of the people on this bus.

After yet another hour, the road is no longer covered by snow from the storm. People cheer over the fact that we can finally start our polar expedition for real. Tonight we will sleep in a tent on a frozen lake.

As we get closer to Abisko, which is our new starting point, I can hear the dogs barking – they are restless after spending a whole day in the trailer. The chatter that has filled the bus until now is replaced with silence. We all start to quiet down. I mentally prepare how to pack my sled with tent, hob and sleeping bag, and I remind myself to have my big mittens around my neck just in case my hands will be too cold.

As I pack my sled, two of my dogs in the back of the line-up start fighting. Someone makes a strong roar and I get just as surprised as the dogs, who instantly stop to look at me, when I realize that ”roar” came from me. From that moment on I feel right at home. I successfully stop my dogs from fighting. I’ve never felt more ready for this adventure.

Five minutes later we are off. The darkness has put her veil over the mountain rage. The only sounds I hear is that from my dogs breathing, and that from the sled as it slides over the creaking snow. Other than that, there is not a sound as we cross the frozen lake with the name of Torneträsk. The stars are out and I am amazed by the complete calmness and beauty this winter land has to offer. As we go I start thinking about life at large and find myself in a
dreamlike state. Jan suddenly slows down – the night’s camp is just a few hundred meters away. How long have we been going? I have lost track of time.

At the campsite we start to prepare the dogs for the night. We dig down the anchor of their lines, heat their food and put their jackets on. After that our team gathers around the hobs to prepare dinner. The stars shine brighter than ever and just as our snow water starts to boil, the northern light shyly starts to climb up along the sky from the horizon. I remember reading somewhere that native americans used to call the lights the ”Dance of the Spirits”. I would like to think this is what it is.


Watch the Fjällräven video from day three here!

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Isabel: Dear God,you saw that Northern Light for real? My dream...X
April 24, 2015

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