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Artist Camilla Engström usees coconut oil for everything.

Camilla Engström is an artist and a designer, originally from Stockholm but living in Brooklyn since four years back. After working as a freelance designer in J.Crew’s design department she decided to establish her own creative space, and she did it by founding e-commerce site hus-hus.com. ”Hus” means ”House” in Swedish and on the website Camilla aims to provide textile concepts, products and overall inspiration for those with a discerning eye. We find a wide range of decor products; candles, woven wall-pieces and embroidered shirts, all handcrafted by herself and her peers. The creativity is flowing and it’s obvious that Camilla has a genuine appreciation for the arts.

Nowadays she’s also a Make it last contributor! Read here posts here.

Below, Camilla shares some thoughts on how to care for the environment in everyday life.

How do you reason when you shop for clothes or beauty products?

– When it comes to beauty products I prefer to buy anything organic. It’s my skin and I don’t want to put anything on it that I don’t want in my body. I use coconut oil for everything. I cook with it, I use it in my hair and on my skin. Same with almond oil. Clothes I 90 percent of the time buy vintage. I like unique pieces which are really hard to find new.

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Have you somehow customized garment you already own?

– I customize garments all the time. Everyone should. You can do it yourself or give it to a tailor. Anything that needs a bit of tweaking I easily do myself.

What’s the best advice about how to live life in better balance with nature that you’ve ever been given?  

– Meditate and be close to nature as often as you can.

Give us a few practical tips on how to make our lifestyles more sustainable! 

– Buy less clothes. It’s most of the time just a temporary high. Stop eating or eat less seafood and meats. And of course buy organic and locally grown foods.

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What sustainability issue is keeping you up at night?

– That fashion companies are allowed to overproduce. So much of their production never reach stores.

Do you have a favorite website, instagram or twitter account that you would recommend that deals with sustainability? 

– No, but everyone should read Wear No Evil by Greta Eagan.


Name: Camilla Engström
Occupation: Artist and Owner of HUS (http://hus-hus.com/)
Current projects in life: I’m producing the podcast OffTheWall with Artist and host Skyler Brickley, listen here.
Motto in life: Be present

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