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"Every time I look at this jacket it brings back memories of my mother."

We’ve come to know Stephanie Gundelach as of the three super cool women behind Denmark’s first and biggest fashion blog Anywho. Today she’s gone solo, focusing on her work as a stylist and creative consultant. Fortunately, she has kept on blogging, now on her own website where she writes about fashion, beauty, interior and travels around the world. She’s also the co-owner of Copenhagen based fashion store B46 as well as ANYWEAR, an online platform for second hand clothing.

This week, Stephanie tells us about her Eternal Flame.

What’s the story of this thing?

”I’ve inherited this Ivan Grundahl suede jacket from my mother. She bought it when she lived in London in the late 70’s. She was very feminine looking with blonde hair and bangs, but her style was very androgynous. I love looking at old pictures of her wearing suits or high waisted jeans paired up with big t-shirts and a leather jackets. She looked so effortlessly cool. She was close friends with Danish designer Ivan Grundahl and she always wore this fringed jacket made by him. Even though she feels too old to wear it now, I’m thankful that she kept it and passed it on to me. Every time I look at this jacket it brings back memories of my mother. I love the dark blue color and the fact that you can see it has a history. It’s a while since I’ve been wearing it, but I can feel it having a comeback this spring.”

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