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Notes from a Swedish stylist

Take to the sea

Posted in Outfits
by Emma Elwin on 31 March, 2015

Very much like a sailor!

We are back in Stockholm after a week in Lanzarote. My favorite look the whole week was my favorite jeans, a cable knit sweater and a peacoat. Very much like a sailor!

IMG_9119 kopiera

Coat, Filippa K. Sweater, Wood wood. Jeans, Acne Studio. Shoe, Vans. Hat, April fool.


The cable knit

Posted in Outfits
by Emma Elwin on 29 March, 2015

A chunky cable knit like the one Steve McQueen used to wear

Here in Lanzarote me and Lisa have been living in our cable knits. We’ve been trying to figure out exactly what it is that makes the cable knit so desirable, and have come to the conclusion that a good cable knit works great over time, all year around and to almost everything in our wardrobes. It dresses a sheer summer dress down and gives a pair of jeans a timeless look. I constantly have this image of a perfect chunky cable knit like the one Steve McQueen use to wear in my mind. And I finally think I found it!

IMG_8683 kopiera
Cable knit, Wood Wood. Jeans, Acne Studios. Shoes, Vans. Bag, Chloé.
IMG_8685 kopiera

Pick of the day

Posted in Buy less, choose well
by Emma Elwin on 27 March, 2015

Time to put on your suit-jama


Time to put on your suit-jama, the weekend is finally here! I’d go all in on the pyjama look with this jacket and match it a striped shirt like these two ladies.

TB Diane

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Spring suit

Posted in Outfits
by Emma Elwin on 26 March, 2015

Imagine if everybody would do that?

Even tough the waters are quite cold I can’t stay away. We pretty much live on the windiest beach on Lanzarote and the waves are coming from every direction so I haven’t gotten as much surf as I was hoping for. But it’s ok, as long as I get to spend some time by the ocean I’m happy. I keep thinking about what my friend Jens said about how he always brings one piece of trash every time he leaves the beach. Something I also started doing. Imagine if everybody would do that?


Spring suit, Rip curl. 

IMG_8068 kopiera

Indigo and linen

Posted in Outfits
by Emma Elwin on 25 March, 2015

This is what I will wear this summer in Stockholm's archipelago

The wind truly is vicious, the sand is everywhere and the sun only shows her pretty face in the afternoon in Famara. Still I love it here! Today I only got 10 minutes of surf but it is still enough to make my stomach make a somersault. Today I even had the chance of using my shorts that the optimistic part of me brought along. The shirt is a new favorite of mine. Indigo and linen – two things that a great on their own but amazing put together. This is what I will wear this summer in Stockholm’s archipelago.

IMG_8588 kopiera

Shirt, Boomerang. Jeansshorts, Beyond Retro. Watch, Vintage Rolex. 

IMG_8612 kopiera

Navy and black

Posted in Outfits
by Emma Elwin on 23 March, 2015

We just packed the car with surfboards and loads of happiness!

We just packed up the car with surfboards and loads of happiness. Today Lisa and I are going to Famara for a workation!


Dungarees, AG Jeans. Shirt, Filippa K. Shoes, Converse. 


Photographer: Pauline Suzor 

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