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Filippa is in an orange mood, drawn to zesty shades of tangerine. If this tickles your tastebuds, kindly step into the orange haze and discover these delicious darlings.

I’m in an orange mood, drawn to zesty shades of tangerine. Happily haunted by that summer feeling, seen through a subtle seventies shimmer. If this tickles your tastebuds, kindly step into the orange haze and discover these delicious darlings, all in charge of this creation.


Mandarin makeup

I love no makeup makeup, but this time of year my complexion is craving a delicate dash of color. Inspired by the backstage beauty of Emilio Pucci FW15, I got a serious orange crush and rediscovered petal pink lip stain. So I decided to try it my way, with my favourite brand of makeup, rms beauty. On my eyelids and on the apples of my cheeks, I used lip2cheek in curious, a bright but very wearable golden orange. I wanted to keep it sheer so I applied a thin layer with my fingers and smoothed the edges with a brush. On top of it, I dabbed a little living luminizer to bring out that sought after glow. For my lips I mixed lip2cheek in beloved, it’a classic poppy red hue, with the glossier cherry red lip shine in sacred. Both are applied with a brush. To enhance the orange experience, I painted my nails in a washed out tangerine shade called Hippie Chic by Kure Bazaar.

Tangy texture

Not only are bourbon, vanilla and tangerine a match made in cocktail heaven. It’s also the perfect potion [when bottled by John Master Organics] for anyone who wants to take control over their rather unruly hair and overgrown bangs, a.k.a me. Because lately I feel more like smooth strands and a defined middle part, and I did not wake up like this!

An oil of abundance

I’m obsessive about oils and Royal Body Oil by Marika Åkerberg is my latest catch. It’s a rich blend of highly hydrating jojoba oil and healing sea buckthorn oil, scented with memory evoking essential oils from my favourite mediterranean flowers: neroli, patchouli and rosemary. I rub it on my dry skin before stepping into the shower. It strengthens the skin’s barrier and prevents moisture loss while showering. Afterwards, when my body still is moist, I’ll spray on a little more for long lasting moisture. In the picture, I wear a few drops in my hair to define the middle part and to tame flyaways.

Smells like Shangri-La

To frame this dreamy ochre mood, I fell for a perfume out of this world. In my fragrance fantasy, Shangri-La by Hiram Green smells like the sunniest side of the seventies. Soft, spicy smoke mingles with burstingly ripe sun-warm fruits. There is also a powdery sensation of iris, that brings you back to that Laurel Canyon boudoir. Gentle green oak moss in the base gives a grounding sense of earthiness, reflecting the here and nowness that makes this scent so modern, yet timeless like the dream of everlasting summer.

Text by Filippa Berg
Photo by Patricia Reyes / Hall&Lundgren 

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