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Make it last has a new look

Posted in Style
by Lisa Corneliusson on 6 March, 2015

Today the updated Make it last sees the light of day! We hope you like it. Here's what to expect.

It feels good. We hope you like it. 

Except for some new design and exciting functionality, there’s one major change. Until yesterday, we worked with three feeds – Emma’s amazing blog, Lisa’s not-so-frequently-updated blog, and an ambitious feed of articles – news, interviews, beauty stories, advice from our sustainability expert and much more.

Then we woke up and realized that working with different feeds felt, well, so 2013. We wanted one big fat feed instead of three – where you, our beloved readers, can get a full-scale Make it last experience. 

And do not despair! – Emma will be very much present with this setup as well, perhaps even more so than before – and, you can still read her posts only if you wish

Lisa will be here, somewhere, too, hovering over the site and its content – just not as a terrible blogger. And if you especially like any of our other brilliant contributors, you can choose to read only their posts under Authors in the menu above.

We actually want to introduce you to a new contributor as of today – Camilla Engström is the post-overworked fashion designer who’s realizing her dream of running her own business; a business closer to nature. Say hello to Camilla here!

To sum up: We want to be ever-present and personal as editors of Make it last, because the site is our journey to becoming smarter when it comes to approaching fashion and beauty. It is our journey and yours – so please, tag along and let us know what you think! You are everything to us, and we want you to feel inspired and in-the-know.

Patience is not our strongest trait, so we decided to go live with the site NOW! This does mean we still have some mending to do, so please be patient with us. And again, let us know if something looks terribly wrong.

Happy Friday!

With love,

Lisa, from a rainy Stockholm
Emma, from hot hot Cape town

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