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"You need to find your own funky boots, whatever funky means to you."

She recently received the award Accessory Designer of the Year by Swedish ELLE Magazine, and among the people carrying her bags are some of our time’s most influential fashion insiders. It’s been a successful year for Paulina Liffner von Sydow and her bag brand Little Liffner. Stating that a handbag “should never come with a price tag of a two-week vacation”, Paulina creates elegant yet classic pieces made in a high quality leather from Italy. This week we ask Paulina to share one of her most valuable possessions with us – her very own Eternal Flame.

What’s the story behind your Eternal Flame?

– My eternal flame are my silver boots, that are so un-classic in every way that they became a total classic in my wardrobe. I bought them in NYC a few years back. It was love at first sight but as they are kind of huge I was hesitant for a second, luckily my husband convinced me. For me they represent the thing I love about fashion– that clothes can reinforce personality traits that you like, and that it can make you feel good. I will never have a bad day wearing those boots.

silver boots

– I love shoes. And I don’t mean in an Imelda Marcos kind of way or buying the latest it shoes that are impossible to walk in. I love to wear and tear them. My silver boots are perfect because they are a counter-weight the way I dress, which is quite classic, preppy even.

What would be your general advice to everyone envying this thing of yours? 

You need to find your own funky boots, whatever funky means to you.

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