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Make-up artist Linda Öhrström has launched an Organic Beauty Webshop. Make it last has her five all-time favorite products – and three best beauty routine tips!

Linda Öhrström’s five all time favorites: RMS ConcealerEight hour cream for everythingPrtty Peaushun body lotionProtein spray for the broken endsBest Eye Shadow for everyone

Make-up artist Linda Öhrström has launched an organic beauty webshop. Make it last has her five all-time favorite products – and three best beauty routine tips!

What made you start an organic beauty shop?
– Having spent two years cleansing out my own make up kit through “The Organic Beauty Project” at Volt Café and knowing how much time, hard work and determination it takes to find good quality and high performance products. I did so much research, reading ingredients lists and learning about INCi, certifications, greenwash etc. It was and still is a jungle and a struggle to find your way around this new world. No sane person would have time to reach total understanding, it’s hard just to find your everyday beauty products!
– I was totally convinced l needed to spread this new knowledge to everyone. This was important; it’s our health. Women’s health. No one needs to cover themselves in harsh chemicals when there are so many beautiful products made by lovely sustainable, caring organic brands. I started the project to make it easier for people to find their way to these sometimes very hard to find products. I was always recommending friends and colleagues all around the globe for this product and that magic potion. My own webshop was the best solution to meet a new need; providing a safe zone where you know all the products are good and clean. A one stop shop.

Describe how your online store came together?
– I basically went through my own bathroom and make up kit to locate my must haves and absolute favourites. Picking and choosing only the products from the brands l really trust. It’s a work in process as I keep stocking the shelves of my beauty boutique as l discover new areas of need.

What do you think is the biggest mistake people do when buying beauty products?
– We are all so easily seduced by the beauty industry’ promises; advertising and marketing campaigns. Look beyond the labels and read the ingredient list. Not just about the active ingredients, which is what the producers want you to know about. Look for the INCI, the full list.
– Use the apps to help you get an idea bout how clean a product is.
I work a lot with these two: “Think Dirty” to check brands and products. “Chemical Maze” to go through each ingredient, you know all those long and hard to pronounce words you have never really looked into before. With this app you can, and its a whole new world you will discover once you spend some time going through what you actually put on your skin.
Short answer; we don’t question what it is we use. Just turn the jar and read the back!

What’s your eco beauty prediction for 2015?
– With consumer demand there is product development. I think we will see a lot of new cleaner brands as well as improved products, especially in make up. I am also very excited about the potential of more colourful make up products.
I also think that the big conventional brands will realize they will miss out on a big consumer group unless they clean up their acts. You already see some brands removing buzzwords like parabens from their products. Maybe it will not happen this year but in a short future!
Check out EWG Skin-deep on their quest to get for example Johnson&Johnson to remove formaldehyde form their baby schampoo.


What should people think about when buying make-up and beauty products, give us three tips.
1. Buy skincare for your skin. Don’t just buy what your friend bought. Analyze what type of skin you are and what allergies and sensitivities you have.

2. Wise up on ingredients. Next time you invest in a beauty product make sure its a long term good investment by shopping natural and organic. See passed the greenwash of organic promises on the front label. Always look for the full INCI.

3. Get good tools. Whether its a great pair of tweezers, blusher brush or face cloth. Get the good ones and make sure to keep them clean.

Visit Linda’s Organic Beauty Webshop here.

Words by Hanna Karlsson

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