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Filippa K announces big news about its sustainability approach.

Tomorrow, 19 February 2015, Filippa K launches its new concepts “Lease” and “Collect” – two important steps in the company’s sustainability program. “Lease” allows customers to rent key pieces from current collections – primarily special occasion wear such as suits, dresses and accessories. “Collect” takes care of old Filippa K garments – when returning old garments, the customer will get a 15 percent discount on new garments (and if the old ones are in fair condition, they will be resold at Filippa K’s second hand store in Stockholm – otherwise they are given to Stadsmissionen).

Renting selected styles to complement ones own wardrobe instead of buying all new, as well as recycling old pieces that may be someone else’s treasures, are simple but vital actions promoting a more sustainable fashion climate. For Filippa K, these initiatives imply a significant step towards a business model that respects the fact that services beyond selling new things at the fastest pace possible is in demand – from customers as well as our planet. A very modern way of working, if you ask us. Read more about the news here.

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And oh! At the same time as the launch of “Lease” and “Collect”, the first Filippa K “Front Runners” will be available in stores – three garments in jersey lead the way for a more extensive selection of”Front Runners” for both women and men available in the near future. The “Front Runners” garments have been developed in the most sustainable way possible, in accordance with an in-depth sustainability analysis that Filippa K works with continuously – and will use for their full collections in the future.


Words by Hanna Karlsson

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Mia: "if the old ones are in fair condition, they will be resold at Filippa K’s second hand store in Stockholm – otherwise they are given to Stadsmissionen" I wonder what condition they think that Stadsmissionen sells their clothes in. Second hand stores like Stadsmissionen also prefer, and by my experience they only accept clothes in fair condition.
February 19, 2015

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