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Filippa’s picks: Blissed Out Beauty

Posted in Beauty
by Filippa Berg on 22 January, 2015

A new year calls for new beauty routines. Filippa guides you through some nice products that can help you keep your body and mind clean.

New year, new beginnings. Time to plant seeds and set intentions. Whether you’re going for the mat or the mountains, you might need some supplies to elongate the eudaimonia of both body and mind. Let me share some treasures I’ve tried…


Mind your mist

Sweating, sans smell, is super and Aesop’s aluminium free Deodorant is heavy duty. Grounding vetiver root and coriander seeds keeps stinky at bay. For the face I love Luxsit’s Enrich Hydrating Facial Mist. It’s an organic glow giver that counters post-workout redness and maintains the moisture balance.


Cleanse and replenish

No matter how blissed out you get from your moving meditation, always remember to clean your face afterwards. Think of it as the first step in preventing workout related breakouts. Herbal Recovery Antioxidant Cleansing Mouse from Jurlique makes the procedure swift and silky smooth, while providing the skin with a beneficial blend of botanical oils.

Another trick I’ve learned and love is to apply body oil before showering. It seals the natural oils already on the skin and prevents them from melting away (and dry out the skin) under hot water. Dark Rain Body Oil by Björk and Berries is my to go to oil at the moment. It smells like a misty morning walk in the forest and also works wonders in my hair, as a moisturising mask during steamy sessions of haute yoga.


Rinse and recharge

Treat yourself to a luxurious body wash and let the day’s work and worries slip away in the warm rain falling over your shoulders. Iris Wood Body Wash from Parisian beauty brand Patyka is the chicest component in my yoga bag. And since we’re talking French luxury now, let’s elevate the experience with a sauna, accompanied by this de-stressing and exfoliating face mask from Les Soins aux Fleurs de Bach.


Bring out the gold

Any asana gets slightly more sparkling with a sheer layer of golden glitter on the tips of your hands and feet. Priti NYC has the perfect poison-free hues. Add a beaming streak of solar cream eye shadow from rms beauty and shine along with the long time sun.

Words, selection and photography by Filippa Berg

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