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I want to own things that make my life easier

Rodebjer is one of those brands you feel constantly attracted to, season after season. Carin Rodebjer quest is to make wardrobe essentials that follows the wearer through a lifetime. Since a few years back, Carin lives in New York– the city where she started out as a fashion designer. We asked Carin how she makes it last – a subject very close to her heart. 

How would you describe your style?

– Contemporary timeless.

What ways of putting together an outfit is typical for your style?

– I like to combine new and old and strict and loose shapes. For some people the style might be contradicting but for me it is the only way a look makes sense. It also gives me an aesthetic opportunity to blend in anywhere.

Most astounding fashion memory?

– Reading the Coco Chanel biography when I was quite young.

What role would you say fashion plays in your life?

– Quite a big role. I work and live and relate to fashion every day.

How would you define sustainable fashion?

– Fashion that lasts over time both in quality and style.

How do you reason when you shop for clothes, accessories or beauty products? 

– I trust my instincts of what I like and what I feel for the product. Shopping needs to make sense for me in terms of instinct and desire. I prefer buying and owning things that make my life easier. I tend to shop less rather than a lot.

Do you ever somehow customize garments that you already own?

– Yes, that happens. I used to customize more when I was younger but I still do it. Usually it is about cutting things shorter or improving shoulders.

Where do you go bargain hunting for more sustainable fashion? 

– Vintage shopping is a sustainable way of shopping and that amuses me a lot.

Do you find it hard to think sustainable without compromising on aesthetics? 

– Sometimes it is a challenge. Your options are a lot less, but then limitations are challenging and inspiring in many ways.

How would you like to see all people think about fashion and shopping? 

– Shopping is so many different things for people and I can’t really say what I think other people should do. But becoming aware of who you are supporting and why is always a good thing.

Give us one or two practical suggestions on how to make our lifestyles more sustainable. 

– Buy and own less things.

What is your best sustainable product? 

– All my vintage stuff and Rodebjer’s recycled patchwork pants Mina.

Any small everyday things you do to protect the planet and make it more green?

– I don’t buy so much stuff and also I usually eat green.

What do you think is the most important sustainability issue? 

– Becoming more aware of making sustainable choices in everyday life is the most important issue on a personal level. Raising awareness of and a true understanding for resources – respecting what we have and placing true value in what we choose to buy.

What should become easier when it comes to fashion and sustainability? 

– Maybe the communication around these kind of things. How do we combine a stressful society with something that needs more time and attention?

Do you have a style icon? What do you like about him or her?

– Ada Kokosar, the stylist who styled our runway show. Her style is versatile, earthy, sharp and spiritual at the same time.

Favorite fashion profile on Instagram?

– I love my friend Liselotte Watkins’ Instagram.

Do you have a favorite website that you would recommend?

Butdoesitfloat.com and Wikipedia.


Name: Carin Rodebjer
Occupation: Designer
Current projects in life: Life
Motto in life: “Ta det lugnt, du dör ändå”

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