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by Emma Elwin on 13 January, 2015

Here are the pictures from our trip to the little surf village Santa Teresa in Costa Rica.

IMG_5323Here are the pictures from our trip to the little surf village Santa Teresa in Costa Rica. lomon kopieraThe first thing that meets us after 2 hours on a ferry boat is a woman pealing lemon fruits. And I felt right at home.IMG_5970 2-BWAfter unpacking the surfboards we head down to the beach to see what mood the ocean is this very day. IMG_6017 2 kopieraThe first week was we didn’t get perfect longboard waves. This picture is form the last day when the conditions where perfect. But I’m so grateful that we got so many good days of surf as we did. IMG_5439 kopieraAfter the morning surf at 5 am we would head to the organic restaurant Olam at the boutique hotel Nautilus. Other days we would go to my favorite café place in Santa Teresa called The Bakery.IMG_5479 kopieraHere you have Josefin and me at Olam. I feel in love there gluten free pancakes and organic smoothies. Perfect after a few hours of morning surf.IMG_5420 kopieraThey also had Yoga classes on the loft of the restaurant where we took this picture. I wish I could tell you I went once but nope, I didn’t even stretch once after surfing… Something I’m gonna regret at tonights Yoga class here in Stockholm.IMG_5372 kopieraAt the beach I was quite bussy making friends with the local dogs. This Ridgeback was one of my favorites.IMG_5390 kopieraWe bonded over having the same shoe size.IMG_5407 kopieraThe house we rented was called The mermaid dome and shaped like a ball.IMG_5540 2 kopieraHere you have my amazing traveling companions André, Frank and the one and only Josefin. This from the restaurant with the best view but unfortunately the worst food. IMG_5600 2 kopieraThey made up for the bad meny with beautiful interior and strong drinks.IMG_5619 2 kopieraA very happy Frank and Josefin after a beautiful sunset. IMG_6270 2 kopieraI’m really gonna miss these golden sunsets.IMG_5736 kopieraOne of the days we rented quads and went to the waterfall in Montezuma. IMG_5741 kopieraUnfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the big waterfall but I got this of the smaller one.IMG_5648 2 kopieraAt midday there wasn’t much to do other than trying not to get fried by the sun. So one day we invited our selfs over to two friends how rented a house with a pool. Something I could recommend to everybody going to Santa Terese, having a pool that is.IMG_5646 2 kopieraFrank by the poolside enjoying the shadow. IMG_5518 kopieraMost evenings we went out for dinner but some night we had the pleasure of eating fish tacos or Andrés amazing lentil Dhal.IMG_5995 2 kopieraAt the beach it was all about the surf. In this picture you see me looking att some compression cracks on my new board. Lucky me they where easily fixed with some quick-fix glue. IMG_6085-2 kopieraThe last week went really well even if I hoped I would evolve a bit more. IMG_6075-BWBut I’m very happy about having a new cross-step picture.
IMG_6265 2 kopiera (kopia)Finally it was time to head back home. Which didn’t feel to bad as I’ve been missing Stella like crazy. IMG_6203 2 kopieraHere are the boys on the ferryboat enjoying one last sunset.IMG_5997 2 kopiera

Thank you so much everyone who made this trip amazing! Pura vida!


Elin: Vad fotar du med för kamera? Blir så fina bilder :)
January 18, 2015

Anna: Hej Emma! Fantastiska bilder! Jag är på jagt efter en bra surfbikini. Den mönstrade du har på dig är superfin och verkar som den sitter bra även till surf. Var är den ifrån?
January 17, 2015

adina: I like the peacefulness transmitted by all your photos, and you are in great shape ;)
January 13, 2015

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