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Some is better than none

Greta Eagan is an eco ambassador, writer, stylist and founder of the sustainable blog FashionMeGreen. She is also author of the style book Wear No Evil: How to change the world with your wardrobe, in which she inspires people on how they can be fashionable and sustainable – without sacrificing ones style. This week Greta is the one to answer questions on how she make it last.

Photos by Lindsey Linton

Name an element that’s typical for your style? 

I pretty much live in my leather jacket from The Sway. It is made from discarded leather that would have gone to the landfill, and instead was turned into a fashion forward piece that completes just about any outfit.

In what way is fashion present in your life?

– Fashion is directly related to my self expression. It helps me communicate who I am and what I feel good in.

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How do you promote more sustainable fashion for someone who says she’s not into it?  

– On my blog I try to visibly represent sustainability in fashion that doesn’t sacrifice style. I pull from various designers who are doing the hard work of incorporating great design as well as eco production to make pieces that hit both marks, and then use those items to create looks that easily communicate fashion inspiration with sustainability built in. Lots of people have preconceived ideas about how eco fashion isn’t stylish and my hope is to show them otherwise and provide resources for them to start shopping sustainably.

How do you reason when you shop for clothes or beauty products?

– I use the Wear No Evil methodology from my book. With the flexible and comprehensive system I developed from my graduate studies research, I can confidently shop anywhere in the world and uphold both my style and ethical / eco standards.

Where do you bargain sustainable or second hand clothes? 

– I like shopping at local resale shops when I travel. I just found the most amazing shop in Austin, TX called Moss! I also shop online using sites like The Real Real, Vide Dressing and a service from Material World which allows me to send in used designer items in exchange for a gift card.

Jennifer Aniston never showers for more than three minutes. What small things do you do in everyday life to care for the environment? 

I wash my clothes less. Especially in the US, we are hypersensitive to things being clean, but truthfully we don’t need to wash clothing after just one wear. By waiting 2-3 wears before washing, we save energy and water, and also extend the life of our clothing.

What do you wish became easier when it comes to fashion and sustainability? 

– It feels like we need a brand directory for fashion and ethics. I know a number of people who are already doing the work to background check the brands they buy, and would use a directory to guide other purchases if it existed.

One minute in the elevator with Stella McCartney, what would you say?

– Thank you for being a style savvy champion for vegan fashion.


Name: Greta Eagan

Occupation: Author of Wear No Evil: How to Change the World with Your Wardrobe. Founder of FashionMeGreen.

Motto in life: Some is better than none.

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