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Eternal Flame: Nicole Walker

Posted in Style
by Beatrice Widmark on 23 December, 2014

I became obsessed with collecting them

Nicole Walker is a freelance fashion stylist based in Stockholm and Los Angeles. Her way of putting together outfits are often a feast for the eye, with a lot of details, shapes and patterns. We love to be inspired by her fearlessness, especially now during the dark, gloomy Swedish winter. Make it last asks her about an eternal flame – a piece she’ll love forever and ever. 


”These are my favorite pieces of jewelry that I own. I have a very mixed relationship to jewelry overall, some periods in my life I have been wearing lots and some periods I can’t stand the idea of them. But when I started finding these kind of antique rings that are made in Finland during the 60s-70s from silver and crystals, I became obsessed with collecting them. They are usually quite pricy since they are collector items so they have become a way for me to give myself a special gift every once in a while. I love wearing them all together since it makes me feel like I’m a rich gipsy queen. They usually have some kind of connection to space as well which I also love. Sci-fi 4-ever”.

What would be your general advice to everyone envying this thing of yours?
– Envy sucks. No one should bother doing that. But I do advice everyone to find something to treat themselves with. Its always nice giving well urned gifts to oneself.

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