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Filippa’s picks: Happier Hair

Posted in Beauty
by Filippa Berg on 18 December, 2014

Sometimes we do things to our hair that aren't so friendly, neither for our bodies nor our planet. Here are some sustainable solutions for greener New Years resolutions.

Because sometimes we do things to our hair that aren’t so friendly, neither for our bodies nor our planet. Here are some sustainable solutions for greener New Years resolutions.


Wash with care

Let’s face it, hair needs to be washed (unless you’re going for “that” look). Using shampoo sans SLS makes the event less heavy on the environment. Rahua Shampoo by Amazon Beauty looks like liquid amber and uses coconut oil instead of harsh detergents. Ungurahua oil is the star ingredient, a highly restorative jungle elixir traditionally used by tribal women in the Amazon area.

Waiting a while between hair washes is also worth considering. Dry Shampoo is the to-go-to in between. Dry Clean by Lernberger Stafsing brings out the grease with a matt finish and adds volume to sulky hat hair.


Mind the scalp

Happy hair starts in the roots. Hello, that’s the only part of the hair that’s alive! Give em’ some TLC by massaging the scalp with a few drops of Deep Scalp Purifying Serum by John Master Organics. It increases the blood circulation, moisturizes and prevents flakes and build up, so that the hair can grow gorgeously.


Need for Nourishment

Treat your tresses to some supplements! Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask by Amazon Beauty is like Omega 3 capsules for your hair. It restores the moisture barrier and rejuvenates dull and damaged hair.


Ease the frizz

B2 Hair Serum by c/o Gerd is a blueberry based frizz fighter. Leave it in towel dried hair and it gets way easier to comb trough. The serum also conceals split ends and keeps curls and waves bouncy.


Pump up the volume

We still haven’t seen any sustainable hair driers, but at least this team makes a credible difference. Take your hair to the next level by spraying strands with Angelroot Volume Spray by Less is More and blow dry while working with Axu Brush by Antonio Axu.


Texture is everything

Right? Then this note’s for you. Because who wouldn’t wanna live the beach bum dream everyday? Beach Spray by Lernberger Stafsing makes us wanna fake it ’til we make it. Kieselwax by Less is More is the grungier alternative, giving matt texture with that perfect hit of true grit.

Text, still lifes and photography by Filippa Berg

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Aimee: Love that you included eco-friendly styling products along with the shampoos. xoxo Aimee bowsandbeau-ties.blogspot.com
January 14, 2015

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