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How they make it last: Trine Kjaer

Posted in Style
by Beatrice Widmark on 11 December, 2014

We wash our clothes way too much in the Western world, and it's bad for the environment and for the clothes that wears out too quickly

Danish Trine Kjaer is the successful blogger behind trineswardrobe.dk. The blog has since establishment 2008 become one of Denmarks biggest and inspires women not only in Scandinavia but also world wide. Besides blogging, Trine is also a stylist and creator of her own beauty line –Trine’s Wardrobe Hair Care and Trine’s Wardrobe Skin Care. This week, Trine answers questions on how she makes it last.

How would your mom describe your style?

– She would definitely tell you that I love skinny jeans and shirts. I got a lot of different shirts – most of them bought second hand – Mens silk shirts or soft white cotton shirts. Sometimes she says that I dress like she did when she was younger – I love the 70’s so that’s probably why, and then she’ll tell you that I love to have fun with fashion, and that I like colors.

What part would she be missing?

– That after turning 25 I tend to wear less colors and more black, grey, dark blue and white the older I gets – just like she does.

Have you sewn on, stitched up or somehow customized garment you already own? (If so, what, and how?) 

– A lot of times. When I was younger I wanted to become a fashion designer so I always customized my mum’s old garments and my dad’s old t-shirts. I especially remember a skirt I created out of an old pair of jeans. It was pretty ugly but it actually became quite trendy and some of my friends made their own versions.

Trine KjaerWhat is your best sustainable / eco-friendly / long term justifiable product? 

– It’s without a doubt my classic leather jacket from Acne that I actually bought secondhand from a friend of mine. I wear it all the time.

Jennifer Aniston never showers for more than three minutes. What small things do you do in everyday life to care for the environment? 

– I only wash my clothes if it’s necessary. We wash our clothes way too much in the Western world, and it’s bad for the environment and for the clothes that wears out too quickly.

What do you wish became easier when it comes to fashion and sustainability?

– I wish that there was more initiatives like H&M Conscious. Where sustainability and fashion melt together and turn out fun and fashionable, and for everybody.

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