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The innovators: Lernberger Stafsing

Posted in Beauty
by Make it last on 10 December, 2014

We make products out of heart, knowledge and conscience

“We started making our own shampoo in our kitchen nearly five years ago. One thing led to another…” Make it last talks to the founders of organic haircare line Lernberger Stafsing.
What made you start Lernberger Stafsing?

– The company was founded upon the belief that you are considerably more fantastic, remarkable and exciting than you generally show. You deserve a more luxurious everyday where you feel good both on the inside and the outside. You deserve to know what affects you on the inside as well on the outside to be able to make conscious and deliberate choices. Content and surface. Product and packaging. Sustainability and glamour. Lernberger Stafsing is always both.

Your products are made in Sweden. Why is that important?

– Made in Sweden means that all of our products are developed and manufactured in Sweden according to Swedish law and regulations. Our passion and knowledge for hair care is constantly present in the process. We control the entire production chain from raw material to finished product. Not all raw materials are locally sourced but as far as possible. We love Sweden and the fact that we can keep the production in our country, for us that’s part of our DNA and a quality stamp for our customers. Inspired by the simplest of ingredients – the rape-seed oil grown everywhere in the south of Sweden – we started making our own shampoo in our kitchen nearly five years ago. One thing led to another… We love our job and the satisfaction it gives us when more and more people discover what difference great products make, and how our clients and their families can enjoy the benefits of feeling better on the inside as well as on the outside. We make products out of heart, knowledge and conscience. The holistic approach is part of everything we do. We care about the inside ingredients’ effect on the environment and the body, but only as a prerequisite for making the outside as beautiful, pleasurable and attractive as possible.

What’s the most common mistake people do with their hair?

– They wash their hair with a shampoo containing SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate). It is a really harsh active detergent (tenside) that dehydrates both hair and scalp resulting in a coarse, dull, dry hair and a dry, flaky, tense scalp. It penetrates the skin and accumulates under the skin. It is also very allergen. With a sulphate free shampoo you gain a healthier hair full of life and scalp that really feels soft and manageable.

What’s the best quick fix for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to do their hair?

– One trick we use a lot when in a hurry with a client is to spray some Dryclean (dryshampo) onto the roots and rub or brush it in. Then put the hair in a low ponytail att the back of your head and add some volume att the crown of your head simply by pulling the hair a bit…

Who are the most inspiring personalities you’ve styled during your careers?

– Oh, there are so many. Over the years we’ve met som many and had the privilege to work with some of the most incredible persons from royal queens and princesses, Nobel price winners, supermodels, superstars and normal people who just turn out to be astonishing. But to mention a few; Queen Silvia, Nelly Furtado, Karen Elson, Roxette…

What’s your eco beauty prediction for 2015?

– We believe the consumer will be more aware of the content in the products they buy and therefore set higher demands and standards on the producers resulting in better products. This will also result in a lot more new brands launching with a sustainable production and profile. All the big superbrands will have to take a step back for new fresh companies with a modern philosophy….

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