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How they make it last: Sharin Foo

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by Beatrice Widmark on 8 December, 2014

Most of the time my style is the antithesis of a style-icon. It’s more of LA suburban house wife/mom.

The Danish rock duo The Raveonettes has gained cult status since they started in 2001. It’s lead singer, Sharin Foo, has also gained reputation as a style icon with her sharp looks. Sharin and The Raveonettes are playing at Debaser Strand in Stockholm this Wednesday (10 December) and Make it last took the opportunity to ask her some questions on style, sustainability and beyond.

How would your mom describe your style? 

– I’ve read somewhere that my daughter is a style-icon!

What part would she be missing? 

– That unfortunately most of the time my style is the antithesis of a style-icon. It’s more of LA suburban house wife/mom.

Have you somehow customized garment you already own?

– Yes. I stitched up one of my dresses the other day before a show, as there was a tear in it. So I do mostly repairs. But my mother in law just gave me a gift certificate to a sewing machine – apparently it’s very therapeutic to sew.


Give us a few practical tips on how to make our lifestyles more sustainable! 

– Bike don’t drive! Oh how I miss the biking culture of Copenhagen since I moved to Los Angeles. Hang dry your clothes instead of using a dryer! It’s better for the clothes too.

Jennifer Aniston never showers for more than three minutes. What small things do you do in everyday life to care for the environment? 

– I live in Los Angeles, so I’ve started collecting rainwater for watering plants and am working on turning my garden into a California native and drought tolerant garden.

One minute in the elevator with Stella McCartney, what would you say?

– My 6 year old daughter is a big fan of your kids line! And she’s a big fan of your dad as well.

Who would you like to spend one minute in an elevator with if you could choose anyone? 

– If living. Obama. And do a selfie with him. If I could incorporate time travel, then I’d pick Paul Newman in 1961 around the time of doing “The Hustler”.

How do you reason when you shop for clothes or beauty products?

– It’s tax deductible! (I hope)


Name:  Sharin Foo
Occupation: Musician
Current projects in life: The Raveonettes, HURRA!, parenting, Xeriscaping.
Motto in life: It’s never too late! 

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