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How they make it last: Carin Wester

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by Beatrice Widmark on 19 November, 2014

This week, Swedish designer Carin Wester shares thoughts on sustainability within the fashion industry – and living with a French person.

How would your mom describe your style?

– She would definitely say that I have a bit of a boyish kind of style, always mixing something masculine into the feminine clothes. She would also say that I wear a lot of oversized pieces, playing with volume and changes in the silhouette.

What part would she be missing? 

– The very sporty part. I sometimes have sport influenced pieces but never as an allover look, more like a touch with added sneakers or sweaters.

Most revolutionary fashion memory? 

– I would say the first fashion show I attended at my school, Beckmans School of Design. I was 18 years old and had big dreams of becoming a designer one day.

How do you promote more sustainable fashion for someone who says she’s not into it?

– Sustainable fashion is a vast subject! For me there are two things that feels extra important. Firstly, the conditions in the production process and the revenues it brings to factories. To act responsibly is also about helping others, keeping people in the center of the process. The second idea is more about the design. Timeless pieces can have an impact on over-consumption.

Would you like for your consumption patterns to be different?

– I sometimes wish I was less attracted by trends. As I’m working with fashion, I’m always faced with them.

Have you somehow customized a garment you already own?

– Yes, many times when I was in school, I had a lot of ideas that needed to be practiced somewhere and since I was not making any money, it was necessary. For instance, If I didn’t have enough money to buy new fabrics or garments, I sewed on clothes from my own wardrobe.

If you had a billboard on Oxford Circus that all the shopping crazy people could see, what would you write on it?

– I would say that nothing can replace the value of a piece that you have been eyeing at for a long time, waiting to collect the money to buy it, and then finally making yours. The longer the wait, the more you will enjoy it.

Give us a few practical tips on how to make our lifestyles more sustainable!

– Live with a French person! Everything that is cooked at my home is made from scratch with the use of whole food products.

Carin_Wester_portrait_2014_01 kopiera

Jennifer Aniston never showers for more than three minutes. What small things do you do in everyday life to care for the environment?

– Being careful using light and electricity. You don’t always have to light up your entire home. That is wasted consumption for no reason. The same goes for charging phones and computers.

What do you wish became easier when it comes to fashion and sustainability? 

– I wish sustainability becomes a key value for luxury brands, it should by consequence influence the whole industry.

One minute in the elevator with Stella McCartney, what would you say? 

– Thank you for using your power to make things change!

Slipping a note in Anna Wintour’s bath robe at the public baths, what would it say? 

– It is soon time to retire, right?

Occupation: Designer
Current projects in life: Mother since 10 months
Motto in life: Enjoy everyday!

This year, Swedish designer Carin Wester celebrates 10 years as an established brand. Her design journey, which started 2003 after graduating from Beckmans School of Design, has resulted in several design prizes and a high custom loyalty. Here, she shares some interesting thoughts on sustainability within the fashion industry – and living with a French person. 

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November 25, 2014

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