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The innovators: Mahala Vintage

Posted in Style
by Make it last on 18 November, 2014

I search for diamonds in the dullest places

Make it last contributor and breezy boho style icon Filippa Berg has her own online vintage store. And soon – a kimono collaboration with designer Pia Simensen. Here’s the story!

What made you start Mahala Vintage?

– I’ve been buying vintage since I got my first pocket money and over the years it’s become sort of a sport for me to search for diamonds in the dullest places. Just like any sport you gotta keep it up to be kept up, which have resulted in… A lot of cool clothes! I’m definitely addicted to thifting and Mahala Vintage is a good excuse to keep hunting. I was also longing for a platform of my own, a place where I can be the creative director and decide everything from layout to tissue paper. Luckily I’m married to a graphic designer!

Four of Make it last’s favorite products available at Mahala Vintage right now

How do you go about to scout the pieces?

– I only buy things that gives me that wow-feeling, things I want to wear myself. I usually don’t know until I’ve worn an item a couple of times if it’s for Mahala or for me. That way I stay true to my own breezy boho style, and I want the store to be a refection of that style. To bring in some fresh air I also do collaborations with artists and designers. The Swedish artist and illustrator Stina Johnson recently did a collection with customized and tie-dyed recycled clothing for the store and I’ve just launched Mahala Macramé. It’s a line of handmade macramé jewelry designed by my neighbours in Crete. I also have an upcoming Kimono-project with Swedish illustrator and designer Pia Simensen…

What’s the most precious piece you’ve found?

– A 1980’s leather jacket from Alaïa and two dresses from Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche anno 1969. I bought them for peanuts and have seen very similar pieces from these designers go for thousands of dollars at Resurrection Vintage in New York.

What’s your favorite vintage store except for your own?

– Narnia Vintage in New York is an eyeopening dream.

What’s your eco fashion prediction for 2015?

– Raised awareness on a mainstream level. Following fashion feels as popular now as watching MTV was when I grew up in the 1990’s and shopping seems to be the new mass religion. Many trendsetters has already reacted to this by going green and buying less (or at least claims to) and I predict more to come. This is a very good prognosis, because what’s in Vogue usually hits the high streets later. But the challenge is to make it stay there, to transform the trend into common sense.


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