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by Lisa Corneliusson on 2 November, 2014

Lisa Corneliusson loves the new Céline campaign, and then there was the debut one for Nicolas Ghesquière at Louis Vuitton...

I rarely get inspired by the campaigns, but there are exceptions; exceptions that very much puts me in line with what’s generally accepted aesthetics in this world of fashion of which I’m still spending my days accepting or not accepting (ALMOST 10 YEARS ON?!, OH SWEET LORD POUR IT UP). There’s something interesting to say about these campaigns; the original but at the same conventional aesthetics, but I’m not the one to write that think piece. There might be another essay to write here, considering the accessory cars… Regardless, I just love these photos. And come to think of it, the essay at question here is probably why I have to put all this fluff around the simple fact that I like these campaigns. Haha. Good morning New York.

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