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How they make it last: Stella Kim

Posted in Style
by Beatrice Widmark on 29 October, 2014

Stella Kim is the creative mind behind Sundays with Stella. To Make it last, she reveals her best thoughts on sustainability.

With the dreamy name Sundays with Stella, the Seoul born and New Jersey raised Stella Kim runs a website where readers can enjoy beautiful images and a mix between contemplative  and light reading. After moving to New York for Music Business studies at New York University, she currently works as a beauty contest strategist and is seen writing for NYLON Magazine Korea and the beauty website Into The Gloss. Don’t forget to visit her website sundayswithstella.com and her Instagram account @Sundayswithstella for inspiration deluxe.

How would your mom describe your style? 

– I love this question. My very conservative Korean mother tells me that all my black clothes look exactly the same to her, and she wishes that I would actually take the time to do my hair or iron my shirts. She would say that most men are more conscious about their appearance than I am… and I can’t agree more.

What part would she be missing? 

– “Effortless” is the new black, mum, and black never goes out of style.

Most revolutionary fashion memory? 

– Coming to university in Manhattan changed my perception of fashion. I grew up in New Jersey, and Jersey girls are notorious for their strange adherence to local trends (i.e. NorthFace jackets, college hoodies and Uggs). On the other hand, whether you dress “well” or not, NYC is all about being individualistic and nonconforming.

How do you promote more sustainable fashion for someone who says she’s not into it?  

– Please be as conscious about what you put on/over your body as what you put in it. It’s as simple as that.


Would you like for your consumption patterns to be different? 

– Yes, there is always room to cut down in terms of all fashion, food, and lifestyle habits. City dwellers (including myself) usually have a difficult time with this – we lose sight of balance and live too deeply in the present.

Have you somehow customized garments you already own?

– All of my destroyed jeans are remnants of old DIY experiments, and I work closely with a seamstress in Seoul to create some customized pieces. I search through night markets like, Dongdae-mun, when in Seoul to find some interesting fabrics we can work with.

Give us a few practical tips on how to make our lifestyles more sustainable! 

– It can be difficult to go completely eco-friendly at first, but small changes can make a huge difference in the long run. Check labels, wear less polyester and leather, steer away from animal-tested products, carry reusable water bottles, recycle, don’t litter, and tell others around you about your new habits!

What is your best sustainable product? 

– I usually don’t like to carry bags, and don’t own many of them either. I like to slip smaller card wallets in my pocket, but I hear that eco-friendly tote bags are trending again. I have a few old ones from my university days, and they are lighter and more convenient to use than regular handbags. They also have a personal touch: worn and torn, age-old, and redolent of memories from college books and casual weekend outings.

What do you wish became easier when it comes to fashion and sustainability? 

– Without a doubt, availability. Designers ultimately have the say in how we should dress, but not enough of them pursue sustainability initiatives to influence consumers.

puffFavorite fashion-person on Instagram? 

– I don’t follow many fashion-people on Instagram, but I love influencers like Maria van Nguyen that encourage individuality and nonconformity through their personal works. I’m very pleased to contribute to an initiative alongside her and others.

One minute in the elevator with Stella McCartney, what would you say?

– “Thank you for being such an inspiration.” No more, no less.


Occupation: NY Culture Writer for NYLON Magazine Korea, Contributing Writer for IntoTheGloss.com, and Beauty Content Strategist
Current projects in life: Rekindling my love for print culture, and building real, lasting relationships with genuine people
Motto in life: Be the change you want to see.


winny aprianti suhendi: You're beautiful.. smart.. i love to read it. I got an inspirations
April 8, 2016

trickortreat: I recently had my heart broken into pieces and now looking for a new inspiration. And as days passes by I became so weak. Then I found you, making you as my new inspiration. I know I'm a nobody but seeing just a photo of you makes my day complete.
November 6, 2014

novita97vt: you are very beautiful, intelligent stella you are really my inspiration I really admire you
October 31, 2014

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