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I believe in buying pieces I wanna keep forever. Like curating a private collection

Her name is one to google those mornings when nothing in your wardrobe seems like fun. Veronika Heilbrunner is style editor at Harper’s Bazaar Germany and a streetstyle favorite – Make it last asked her eight questions about vintage gems, shopping habits and how her mom would describe her style.

Photo by Marianne Theodorsen / The Styledevil for Rodeo.net

How would your mom describe your style?

– Haha! love that question!! She would probably say that I love vintage, but wear it quite casual and tomboyish. And that I am enjoying to be the odd one out and not combing my hair.

Name an element that’s typical for your style? 
– I love walking – so it’s natural I’m always in flats!!! And socks!! And in combo of course!

Most revolutionary fashion memory? 
– Everything and nothing! I love how things are a no-go and then – bam – they are the hottest things!

In what way is fashion present in your life?
– Very positive – I made my favorite hobby my job!
Are you happy with that presence?
 – Yes! I feel very honored that I can work with interesting and very creative people.

How do you promote more sustainable fashion for someone who says she’s not into it? 
– I don’t think that there’s way to make it attractive. But I am super impressed when it works the other way around: an amazing brand that produces sustainable like for example Edun. First you need to attract people and then surprise them by the depth.
How do you reason when you shop for clothes or beauty products? 
– I don’t shop often or regular. I do love beautiful things, but working with it, makes you want less. I am also a very late shopper, I never manage to stock up for winter in September. More likely I am buying a swimsuit. And usually I go for something different than I would have in the beginning of the season. I try to avoid high street shopping as it’s rarely satisfying and a just a quick unthoughtful buy – often it’s a waste of money and production. I believe in buying less, but only pieces I wanna keep forever. Like curating a private collection.
Would you like for your consumption patterns to be different?
 – I was lying – I like wearing the occasional H&M piece!!! And luckily they have a cool conscious line!
Have you stitched up or somehow customized a garment you already own? 
 – Yes of course, but very simple and practical things mostly. For example I dyed all my grey jeans from a few years ago black so I wear them all again. I do the same with t-shirts when the colour is faded or I am just tired of it. Black is always good! I also love recycling my boyfriends closet a lot. All the shirts he doesn’t wear anymore – I just cut the sleeves off, they are my summer uniform.
Where do you bargain sustainable or second hand clothes? 
 – Vestiaire collective, in my favorite shop “vintagelove” in Munich, fleamarkets for second hand and as I mentioned before – I am more about finding cool stuff and then I am happy when it happens to be sustainable, but not the other way around…
Veronica Heilbrunner is Style Editor at Harper’s Bazaar Germany. See more of Veronika here.

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