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Go green wear blueMake it last teamed up with H&M to launch the new Conscious Denim collection at Hamngatan in Stockholm yesterday.

Make it last teamed up with H&M to launch the H&M Conscious Denim collection at Hamngatan in Stockholm yesterday. Today, the collection is available in selected stores and online. In stores you’ll find our favorite pieces from the collection – just look for the Make it last tags! Photos by Pauline Suzor

Make it last in collaboration with H&MIMG_8478

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Make it last teamed up with H&M to launch the H&M Conscious Denim collection at Hamngatan in Stockholm yesterday.



Outi Les Pyy: H&M sends out lovely photos of the collection, but for an eco fashionista it has been really hard to find info on the pieces. Why? For me it is not enough to have a an entire collection labelled "green" when I´m interested in very specific things on a certain item in the collection. All of this collection is still made from virgin materials, even when 100% recycled denim has been invented in Finland a year ago by Pure Waste Textiles. Tencel is a good alternative and more ecological (less fresh water consumed) than regular cotton, but it is not the best material for denim. Denims should last you at least 10 years in use if the material and work is done right. Tencel is better for skirts and dresses as they are not usually skin fitted styles. I hope you asked a lot of questions of the pieces in the press event. :)
October 9, 2014

Dear Daryl | Filippa Berg: […] Ni har väl inte missat mina ‘sustainable style icons’ som jag gör för Make it Last? Denna vecka dedicerad Daryl Hannah, som jag verkar blitt besatt av på senaste. Bildbevis på det nedan, från när jag dj:ade på lanseringen av H&M Conscious Denim… […]
October 6, 2014

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