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Going bananas

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by Lisa Corneliusson on 1 October, 2014

Take me back to the Chloé banana

Ok so I haven’t yet heard the story about the Acne spring 15 prints yet. Look closely… There are peaches, cherrys, lemons and penises. Oh yes I have, it’s a Raquel Dias collab and Style.com’s Nicole Phelps thinks the instagram generation will go crazy for them. I’m not so sure. Jonny Johansson himself doesn’t seem to want to say a whole lot about his collections lately, his short statement on the collection is he wanted to explore youth’s relation to luxury.


Above is the old Chloé campaign instagrammed by UK Vogue editor Francesca Burns the other day, and one of those Acne Studios spring 2015 print shirts. Then, the ever so gorgeous Frida Gustavsson on the cover of Bon (cropped). They must have had questions about that wallpaper? It’s from Frida’s own place? Can I go there?

Either way the prints take me back to the Chloé banana. I know, we’re all occasionally back there, but I love that bunch of bananas, without connotations to any nether parts of a male body as far as I’ve understood it to this date (haha oh please). I’ve been ebaying for it basically, well not since 2001 when Stella McCartney went bananas at Chloé in 2001 and did that “Keep your bananas off my melons” print (nah not for me), but since 2004 when Phoebe Philo returned to bananas and borrowed a vintage banana top and integrated it in her 70s vibe spring collection. Likeable in the same way as those plant wallpapers on the cover of this spring’s Bon. Bananas for all, plants for the people. By the way, Acnes spring collection, of which I’m quite fond minus the penises, also has a 70s vibe.

I haven’t found the Chloé 2004 banana on textile on ebay or anywhere else yet. But I have an old strawberry top, and a pineapple bikini. Right now there’s a 2001 pineapple top on sale, currently at 27 GBP. You could perhaps crop off the sleeves… To be continued, in other words. And yes – the shorts are a different post all together. See you on the other side of Chloé nostalgia. Below is a screenshot from the Chloé alphabet site. Banana bye!


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