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Something for fall

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by Lisa Corneliusson on 29 September, 2014

John Patrick has actually given us a manifest


There are quite a few techy materials in the Organic by John Patrick fall 2014 collection, inspired by the Gemini and Apollo moon missions, but a few cozy textures too: quilted cotton, felted wool and fur. I really like that fur. Or rather, that jacket made of recycled polyester meant to similate Arctic fur. Can I have it?

As you might know, John Patrick is one of the most earth-aware designers out there. We’ve talked to him here at Make it last about what he feels about overdesign and overproduction of things you don’t really need. He’s actually given us a kind of manifest. Read it here.


Posted in Style
by Lisa Corneliusson on

I love me some shrimps.

I think I’ve come across the most genius website ever made. There’s a shrimp guiding me through the Shrimps website. I’ve actually wanted a Shrimps fake fur since I saw it on Susie Lau this winter, but not until today did I get to experience this awesome shrimp trip. I love shrimps. Räk.

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The faux fur brand on everyone’s lips


Faux fur has long been a fashion faux pas but this season polyester or acrylic blend fur imitations are everywhere. Whilst these materials are not environmentally sustainable as such this is great news for the ethically conscious who is not willing to buy into the real deal. The faux fur brand on everyone’s lips is London-based Shrimps that showcased some amazing bold coloured creations with animal prints at their London Fashion Week SS15 presentation, like the one above. And bonus! Below is the lookbook for AW14, we can’t get enough of it. More here. /Ada Källgren

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