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”No one is flawless, the main thing is that you do things and are aware”

Sofia Hedström is the fashion journalist and author who has run no less than nine marathons – in a dress! Besides running around in Williamsburg, New York, she writes books and blogs about sustainable fashion without loosing the bigger fashion picture.

How would you describe your style?
– 70s desert cowgirl meets vintage Manhattan careerist.

What’s typical for your style?
– Pen skirts, jewelry in real gold and bright colors.

Most astounding fashion memory?
– Interviewing Karl Lagerfeld, Dries Van Noten, Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacobs … the only thing that remains is Prada. But also be on an adventure travel in Mongolia for 18 days without luggage – then I really got to learn to use my clothes.

What role would you say fashion plays in your life?
– That’s my job, but fashion also gives me the opportunity to be creative every day.

How would you define sustainable fashion?
– Consumer power and to be so confident in your style that you do not need to over consume.

How do you reason when you shop for clothes, accessories or beauty products?
– The most important question is – will I use the garment?

Do you ever somehow customize garments that you already own?
– Ever since I wrote Modemanifestet (Fashion Manifesto in English), which was published in Sweden in 2011 and in the USA in 2013, I have been creative with my clothes. It gives me a closer relationship to them, but it also makes me more creative with my style.

Where do you go bargain hunting for more sustainable fashion?
– In my friends’ closets.

Do you find it hard to think sustainably without compromising on aesthetics?
– Being climate smart is about not over consume and it has nothing to do with aesthetics. You can be fashionable with a few garments.

How would you like to see all people think about fashion and shopping?
– Do as in the book ”Fashion Manifesto”: test a shopping detox and start consuming fewer garments.

Give us a one or two practical suggestions on how to make our lifestyles more sustainable.
– Try a shopping detox, inventory your closet to get to know your style and habits. When you have an eye, you will make smarter choices.

What is your best sustainable product?
– Changing clothes-parties with my friends. Garments will be sustainable if they are worn again and again.

Any small everyday things you do to protect the planet and make it more green?
– I fix my clothes, rub my bags and shoes and also has the world’s best cobbler who fixes to my shoes again and again.

What do you think is the most important sustainability issue?
– Overconsumption.

What should become easier when it comes to fashion and sustainability?
– No one is flawless, the main thing is that you do things and are aware. With such thinking, you will advance. It is not especially difficult, but if you think there’s a truth you’ll never get started.

Do you have a style icon? What do you like about him or her?
– New Yorkers. It’s enough just cycling around my neighborhood in Williamsburg to be inspired.

Do you have a favorite websites that you would recommend?
– No, but books: ”Fashion Manifesto” by me and Anna Schoir, Lucy Siegles ”To Die for” and ”Cradle to Cradle” by Michael Braungart.


Occupation: Fashion director Women’s Health, fashion journalist at Svenska Dagbladet och edit Runner’s World. I am also author of ”Fashion Manifesto” that will be released in multiple languages.
Current projects in life: Many, but is currently working on my second book!
Motto in life: Headstrong

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