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The innovators: Luxsit

Posted in Beauty
by Make it last on 26 September, 2014

Luxsit is an all natural luxury skin care range. Make it lats talks to founder Jenny Kärner about her most recommended product for fall  –and where the beauty industry is headed.

Luxsit is an all natural luxury skin care range. Their quest is provide skin care without harming the environment – natural skin care that actually works. The products are made in Sweden and the level of ambition is high. Meet Jenny Kärner från Luxsit Organic Care.

How did Luxsit come about?
– It started as an idea already when I (Jenny Kärner) lived abroad and saw what an amazing array of ecological and natural products that were available, both in foods but mostly in beauty. What I still felt was missing was active, efficient natural skin care that actually gives results. After having dived into biodynamic cultivation and a Master in Bio Medicine at Karolinska Institutet, Luxsit took form. Together with Theresia Diblinger, who’s educated in Homeopathy, the project developed to what Luxsit is today – a biodegradable skin care brand. Luxsit is ecological, natural and uses biodegradable extracts from the nordic flora for the best results.

If one was to go for only one of your products, which one would you recommend?
– Now that fall has arrived and the skin starts needing more nutrition and moisture I would recommend our vitamin boost Enrich Moisturizing Facial Mask. It deeply moisturizes a skin that’s a a little dry with wax from sunflower, oat extract, carrot seed oil and cocoa butter. If you prefer to smoothen the skin and exfoliate, I would recommend our Balance Facial Peeling, as it removes dead skin cells with the help of jojoba grains when you massage the face.

What’s your general view on the beauty industry?
– There’s a lot happening in the beauty industry today. More and more actors realize that we have to take responsibility of what we put onto our skin. It’s impossible for the consumer to learn about all the risks with using certain skin care with certain ingredients. This is the responsibility of the beauty industry. So, it’s a good thing that there’s more regulation today, especially when it concerns operating on the skin, or using damaging substances.
– At the same time, we have increasingly aware customers who want natural, ecological products for their skin. We’ve decided to certify ourselves with Natrue to be able to guarantee our products’ ecological status. Today, more brands try to market themselves as natural or ecological with ”green washing”.


Who’s your unsung hero within the beauty field?
– Linda Öhrström for her fantastic work within sustainable beauty. Formulation Science because they make accessible an easy way to learn facts about new research within the fields of raw materials, plant extracts and packaging within the beauty area. The organisation Natrue that work uncompromisingly with the availability of safe beauty products of which do not harm humans nor nature on the market.

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