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by Lisa Corneliusson on 25 September, 2014

Educate – illuminate – go deep and be strong – find out what you think is wrong – and fix it.

“Is sustainability still possible? Or just a kludge patching the disconnect between eco-anxieties and offshore realities?” John Patrick launched Organic, his signature fashion label, by answering that question. He believes in no either ors, but instead that beauty and ethics can coexist. Organic uses organic materials, fair labor practices and ecological awareness – and is one of Make it last’s Emma Elwin favourite brands.

Your Spring 2015 collection has a TLC vibe. What’s your own relationship to TLC?

– Sound is really the ultimate conveyer and my relationship with New York city has always been surrounded by music – the song Creep came out and was instantly ”the soundtrack” – think Bowery bar 90s (before Leo DiCaprio became famous Bowery bar was a 90s version of a Studio 54 vibe – everyone hung out there).

– The relationship with CREEP AND TLC – a relationship that had evolved already from Baby baby baby – the song from TLC. If you can understand that I was PUNK in the late 70s – and evolved thru the 80s – driving a 1965 Dodge Dart – so when the 90s came on strong we loved the GOLD HOOPS and the in your face freedom to be vibe – IT WAS ORIGINAL AND IT HELD UP – the sounds of a city permeate life all over – think SUMMER. THIS WAS TOTALLY THE VIBE OF THE WHOLE 90S….sound is totally organic.

Starting up your brand in the late 90’s, you asked yourself whether sustainability is still possible in fashion. How would your answer differ today from the answer back then?

– MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF REFUGEES – GLOBAL CLIMATE CRISIS – FAMINES – FLOODS – PLAGUES – (look around honestly) – I would need to take this into consideration. WORK HARD – SPEND MORE TIME ALONE – STOP COMPLAINING – QUOTE UNQUOTE FROM JOAN DIDION. CHANGE IS HERE – COMING ON STRONG – So I interpret that as the following – EXTREME REGIONALISM COMES ON STRONG- – Make it happen in your area – community becomes even sharper. The generation now has a new idea again – lets hope they reject the CORPORATE appropriation of the permaculture – GET YOUR OWN IDEAS – DON’T STEAL OTHER PEOPLES IDEAS – do your work each day – clean your own area – understand all that you can about how things work. DO ONE THING WELL. SO THE CONDENSED MANTRA WOULD BE:


What unsung hero within fashion or beauty would you like to take the opportunity to tell us about?

– My friend Nina Marenzi – a true believer and a woman with a vision. She passionately believes in her work – she has no agenda besides being transparent. She is addressing the area of EDUCATION that is sadly NOT BEING ADDRESSED IN MOST of the education system – The schools just sort of la de da skim over the areas that need to be discussed – So NINA has opened up a new conversation – Already the new expo has 1 000 people registered to attend next week!! TALK ABOUT A HUNGRY AUDIENCE!!!


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