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Can we move the house to a place where nothing ever happens and things are slower?

”There’s been so much going on. Can we move the house to a place where nothing ever happens and things are slower? I’ll be happy there.”

Marc Jacobs introduced the show for his namesake brand, last one out on New York Fashion Week a few weeks ago, with a thought. The quote is from a short film made by John Smith in 1976, “The Girl Chewing Gum”. Marc Jacobs famously left luxury brand Louis Vuitton last year, after 16 years of redefining the house; introducing ready-to-wear, accessorizing the bag- and accessory division with capsule collections and artists’ collabs, and in many other ways playing a major role in the upgrading of historic French houses (and fashion in general).

I doubt Marc Jacobs will press the snooze button back in New York with his soon to be billion dollar business – but perhaps he’ll at least integrate what he’s learnt at Louis Vuitton and concentrate his knowledge to a core. And regardless, his choice of quote is a sign of our times. A feeling hard to ignore; where the fastest of fashion is out of step with time. Instinctively, we turn towards a future where our way of dress is impossible to take out of a context; the streets we walk on, the air we breathe.

This is something we’ll spend a lot of time with here on Make it last. Trying to find a balance. Welcome!

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